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Escape from New York #5 – The hidden volcano

Escape from New York #5 – The hidden volcano post image

Another escape from New York, this time to the delights of the mid-west and America’s first national park. Hidden in plain sight, the vast caldera, that makes up a large part of the Yellowstone park, creates some interesting and surreal landscapes. The parks volcanic brutality is hidden under a swathe of forests and rolling plains with roaming herds of bison, but you can’t hide the boiling magma hidden below the surface!  The whole area is dotted with numerous geysers, hot springs and evidence of the time bomb below your feet. Rivers steam as near boiling water pours into it, mud bubbles and steam erupts all over this beautiful wilderness. The famous Old faithful geyser is, in fact, one of the least impressive parts of this incredible place. Everywhere you look, there is some primeval vista. The only things missing are the dinosaurs – we’ll just have to make do with Bison, Elk, Bear and Wolf! A perfect and extreme escape from the madness of Manhattan that always feels ready to explode!



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  • Fi September 21, 2017, 9:39 pm

    Blimey, those are probably the most spectacular photos I’ve ever seen!
    I think I’d be quite happy with bison v t-rex…

  • Marie Alway September 22, 2017, 6:40 pm

    These photos must be the most amazing ever. I can’t believe the colours and the drama. I had visions of forest and great rivers but this beats all. utterly absolutely wonderful. Where was Yogi bear and BooBoo hiding?

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