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About Me

A new adventure starts and we are emigrating to the U.S.A. early 2014. Duncan has joined a little known company called Google which is taking us across the pond where I will be starting a whole new life in New York. The move comes at some expense. I am putting my photography business in to hibernation and packing up my four storey, 4 bedroom house to move in to a tiny apartment. A good life laundry was well overdue, though, and I am really excited about discovering the things that really matter to me and getting rid of all the detritus of life that I can well do without. Perhaps the biggest stress will be transferring our two black cats to the States with us. I’m sure there will be many posts in the future covering that aspect of the move.

When I am there and settled I hope to regularly post photos, articles and reviews of life in the big apple. Hopefully, there will be some good tips for others planning a move abroad but mostly it will be a chance for me to share what it is like living in New York city…