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Escape from New York #5 – The hidden volcano

Escape from New York #5 – The hidden volcano post image

Another escape from New York, this time to the delights of the mid-west and America's first national park. Hidden in plain sight, the vast caldera, that makes up a large part of the Yellowstone park, creates some interesting and surreal landscapes. The parks volcanic brutality is hidden under a swathe of forests and rolling plains… [Read more...]

Big Sur ceramic finisher’s medal

Big Sur ceramic finisher’s medal

Big Sur International Marathon 2017

The Big Sur International Marathon is a bucket-list road race on what is picturesquely billed as the ‘ragged edge of the western world’. It’s a point to point 26.2 miles along California’s Pacific Highway 1 from Big Sur to Carmel and is regarded as one of the most scenic road races in North America. The… [Read More...]

New York’s brightest lights thumbnail

New York’s brightest lights

New York may well be known for its glittering cityscape but it's a small neighbourhood in Brooklyn that has, increasingly, taken on the skyscrapers of Manhattan for the brightest lights. Christmas lights have long been a familiar sight in cities around the world. Stores deck their facades with a dazzling array of lights and set up beautiful scenes… [Read More...]

Macy’s Thanksgiving parade 2016 thumbnail

Macy’s Thanksgiving parade 2016

Another year, another Thanksgiving parade. However, this one was, for us, the best yet. This was the 90th year of the Macy's parade, though I am not sure they treated it any differently.  We raised ourselves earlier than usual (the parade starts on West 77th street at 9am but the crowds build up quickly so you… [Read More...]

New York City Marathon 2016 thumbnail

New York City Marathon 2016

Whether you’re running, spectating or volunteering, the New York City Marathon is a joyful life-affirming celebration in a weekend party of fun. All along the race day course you’ll witness and be inspired by the best of humanity in high density. touching scenes of joyful reunion such as you'd find in airport arrival halls the funniest… [Read More...]

Escape from New York #4 – Fall in New England thumbnail

Escape from New York #4 – Fall in New England

New England, synonymous with beautiful fall colours and stunning countryside. The perfect weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of New York city. Indeed, many New Yorkers own cottages and cabins in the six states that make up New England - Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. It's easy to understand why - apart… [Read More...]

A potted history of Central Park thumbnail

A potted history of Central Park

I spend so much time in Central Park that some friends have suggested I become a tour guide (albeit an unpaid one Mr U.S. tax man). How much do I really know about this amazing open space slap bang in the middle of highrise Manhattan? I thought I'd do a bit more digging (I'll drop… [Read More...]