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Fall in New York

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Fall or, as us Brits would say, Autumn, is one of the most spectacular times to visit New York city or, indeed, the surrounding states. The weather becomes very clement, with the temperatures slowly dropping through the months of September, October and November, while still staying very reliable in terms of rainfall. This makes the city a lot more tolerable for walking and sightseeing but it is the colour that makes the Autumn such a spectacular time to visit the big apple. On a daily basis, I would look out of the window to gauge the trees in central park, trying to decide if they were in prime condition for a big photo shoot. The thing is, every day is different, and every day is beautiful. My favourite time was, perhaps, the first two weeks in November, when the trees just erupted into shades of orange and red and yellow. Combined with the Azure sky and towering buildings, you can’t fail to take amazing photos of the park and it’s beautiful reflective lakes.


Fall02 Fall01

I took the time to enjoy daily walks through the park, feeling the crunch of the leaves under foot, and watching squirrels and birds frantically building their winter stores. The air became crisper with that wonderful chill that heralds winter ahead. There is something wonderful about the first days you get to wear a coat and scarf and hat after so many months of constant heat and sunshine. There is still a certain unpredictability to the weather – some later Autumn days would be in the minus figures and others in the teens, which makes deciding what to wear significantly harder, but Autumn and Winter is all about layering in New York due to the vast contrast between shop and street… just be prepared.

Fall06 Fall07


The New York marathon, Halloween, Thanksgiving, a whole host of food festivals and a general build up of seasonal cheer, all offer extra interest to an already vibrant city. If trying to decide when to come to New York city, consider Autumn for a combination of lovely weather, fun events and fantastic fall colour… just bring plenty of layers and a good camera and you’re all set!



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  • Debbie Robinson December 5, 2014, 9:27 am

    As always beautifully shot photo’s!

  • Fi December 9, 2014, 9:47 am

    Gorgeous pics George, I expect the birds and squirrels sing and dance while they’re collecting their larder (think Enchanted)!

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